Principle driven conservative leadership. 

Mathew Mossburg is Maryland's tried and true candidate. His unwavering commitment to our country's founding principles will not only lead to a more prosperous life, but allow you to seek and pursue your life and freedom as we were intended.


Matt has always voted his principles. As state representative, he has:

  • sponsored successful income tax cuts

  • been a strong and unwavering supporter of 2A rights

  • foughT to protect individual liberties and resisting big government agendas

As your Congressman, he will:

  • fight to abolish Sanctuary Cities and illegal immigration

  • continue to fight for lower taxes and less government

  • strengthen common-sense, conservative principles in government

  • continue to serve the Recovery Community to help people come out of hopelessness and addiction


A truly conservative government does not happen without the help of the people. Take action today.



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